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Working with every university in the country, we have a unique pipeline of ambitious and enterprising students and recent graduates available for a range of placement opportunities –from three month projects and internships to permanent positions.

Through our programmes you can

     -recruit work-ready recent graduates for specific projects or as potential permanent staff
     -source enterprising students specialising in science, technology and engineering for summer placements
     -access bright undergraduates available for year-long placements linked to their studies

In practice this means that the majority of our clients work with us to source a mix of students and graduates for short term projects and as a means to build a pipeline of first class graduate level talent, a process once only the preserve of the largest corporate employers.

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Graduates and Students
Why Step?

We have over 11 years of experience in developing some of the UK’s most highly regarded student and graduate placement programmes.

We have managed and are further developing the highly acclaimed Shell Step programme that has won numerous awards and accolades. We’ve harnessed this experience and knowledge to create the kind of opportunities where our talented students and graduates can flourish.

Our programmes stand out for all of the right reasons – they are innovative, forward thinking and flexible. We have built strong links with Universities right across the UK and with a variety of employers – from small businesses to multinational corporations - all operating across a multitude of sectors.

View our awards and success stories.

Work Placement Solutions

Taking on a student or recent graduate through one of our programmes means that you get a fully managed service from a dedicated team of specialist staff, so taking the guesswork out of your talent attraction process.

Our services are designed to provide you with efficient and professional support through each stage of the placement process.

In brief, we will:

  • help you develop a placement specification
  • promote your opportunity to our database of 20,000+ candidates
  • provide a short-list of quality, pre-screened candidates
  • support you and your chosen candidate over the course of the placement.

A Professional Approach

The UK is blessed with some first class Universities –but do you have the time to contact them all in your search for talent?

Our aim is to build a relationship with you based on our understanding of your business needs and our ability to deliver solutions which will allow you to adapt and thrive within the current economic climate.

At the same time, we thoroughly believe in maximising opportunities for students meaning that the quality of our service is of a consistently high standard.

For more information on the benefits and the practicalities of what we offer, please click on the links. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.